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The clone is currently working exactly like Andrew's original Mark 1. Communication with the computer is done via Hyperterminal on a PC. Below is a screenshot of the computer working:

The stream of ":::::::::::::::::::" above shows FIG-FORTH software being downloaded into the Mark 1 computer. Hitting "g" then allows a user to use FORTH. Some simple FORTH commands are also shown in the screenshot above.

Here's another screenshot, with more FORTH commands:

As you have probably guessed, some simple programming has been done on the machine above to display the letter "F" using asterisks(*). When the letter "F" is inputted to the Mark 1, asterisks forming the letter "F" are displayed. The example above is from Leo Brodie's book: "Starting FORTH". It's an excellent book to read if you're interested in learning FORTH.

Another view of the Mark 1 FORTH clone:

Finally, here's a picture of me, Aidil, and Dr Yap, our supervisor:

I'm the guy on the left of the picture. Dr. Yap is in the center, and Aidil is on the right. The two computers that we cloned are in front of us. Don't you think that Aidil's Magic-1(below my Mark 1) looks really impressive? Check it out here

Links to the original computers:

Mark 1 FORTH Computer by Andrew Holme
Magic-1 by Bill Buzbee

About Me (updated 2008)

My name is Aaron Tang Shen Lee. I'm from the beautiful country of Malaysia and graduated from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS in December 2006 with my degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. For the past one and a half years, I've been working in operations for a petrochemical trading company. However, recently I've been wondering if I should return to my technical roots? :)

Besides computers, I like sports, music and meeting people =]. Do drop me an e-mail if you would like to talk about the project above, or anything else. Thank you for visiting this site.

Aaron Tang Shen Lee a.k.a. questra

Mark 1 FORTH Clone

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